4 low-cost tips on designing Dementia-Friendly bedrooms

4 low-cost tips on designing Dementia-Friendly bedrooms

While you may not have positioned yourself as a Dementia Care Home, chances are that either now or in the future, you will end up caring for someone with dementia. Many organisations will tell you all about the complicated things you should or could do to your bedrooms to make them dementia friendly.

Here we list 4 simple suggestions that need not cost a fortune, but can make a significant improvement to the environment you care for them in.

  1. Ensure the colours of all walls, floors, ceilings, door frames etc., have a colour contrast of 30 LRV (Light Reflective Values). This aids wayfinding for those with dementia and indeed anyone with poor eyesight.
  2. Encourage residents to bring in and display personal photographs, pictures and art. This will stimulate and encourage memories while creating a homely atmosphere.
  3. Loose items such as scatter cushions and bedspreads can add the finishing touch to a room. But if you find them causing confusion, they can be quickly and discreetly removed.
  4. Fix label with both text and images to the front of doors and drawers of bedroom furniture to help remind the resident where to find their belongings, without requesting assistance.

Chair shown with loose scatter cushion


Tristan Brassey of Berwick Care Interiors said, “These suggestions go beyond theory, they are low cost, tried and tested principles and have been shown to work time after time. Next time you re-paint the bedroom, take a few minutes to choose a colour which gives a 30LRV contrast the floor and wall colour. And take advantage of recent developments in the world of bedroom furniture. No need to limit yourself to Beech when there are so many stunning finishes to choose from including Walnut, French Oak, Grey, Beige and Natural Oak, at no extra cost.”

That’s the room looking great, while making the environment dementia friendly.

Berwick Care can be contacted on 01743 440011. Visit www.berwickinteriors.co for more information.

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