Berwick Lean Audit™

Berwick Lean Audit™

One of the last areas within your control?

How do your Care and Hygiene disposables costs compare with national averages?

Parliament tells us what the Living Wage is. Local Authority tells us what they will pay us to care for their clients. The number of residents we have dictates how many staff we employ. All areas where you have little or no say. The one area where you do have control is the procurement of Care and Hygiene disposables. And as the third biggest item on the Profit and Loss, never has there been a more important time to keep it under control.

With a Berwick Lean Audit™, we can analyse your cost-of-procurement, plotting it on a graph to show you how your costs compare to similar establishments.

Berwick look at the whole picture including Financial, Management and Methodology. If appropriate, our experienced Care Home Consultants can then recommend methods and options available to get your costs on or below the line.


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