Berwick welcome Tanya to the sales office

Berwick welcome Tanya to the sales office

Tanya is the latest addition to the busy Berwick sales office, bringing her unique sense of humour along with her willingness to learn and attention to detail. Leaving further education this summer after completing her A levels, apart from some work experience at a local factory, this is officially her first job. We got together with Tanya to find out more about her.


What do you like most of all about work?
The fun and positive atmosphere! The best moment so far has to be watching Ashley return from annual leave to find that every single item on his desk had been wrapped, with extreme care, in tin foil. It was apparently Christmas come early, except that he didn’t enjoy unwrapping the presents and he already knew what each one was!

What’s important to you outside of work?
I love to travel! I visited New York and Florida this summer after my exams, including a trip up the Freedom Tower and a jet boat ride around the Statue of Liberty. Previously I have also been to Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Sweden. I enjoy experiencing the different cultures of each place; Italy has to be the most unique so far! Nearer to home I also visit the beautiful Cornish coastline frequently.

We can’t escape abroad every time – what’s your best local getaway?
My best local getaway on a sunny day is Harlech beach in Wales. With its dramatic backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains, and huge sand dunes – I don’t think it’s easily beaten.

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  • Glad you are enjoying work Tanya! Keep it up. I wasn’t surprised when I read that Harlech was your best local getaway!

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