Cleaning Tips from Olivia the Cleaning Expert

Cleaning Tips from Olivia the Cleaning Expert

Care Quality Commission (CQC) are increasingly looking at the environment to assess cleanliness and hygiene. Regulation 15 of The Health and Social Care Act states this regulation is to make sure that the premises and equipment is clean, suitable for the intended purpose, and maintained.

Keep your Care Home squeaky clean with these simple cleaning tips.


Tip 1 – When cleaning windows, wipe one side of the glass horizontally and the other side vertically. This way, when polishing out streaks, it will be easy to determine which side they are on.

Tip 2 – Always spray directly onto the cloth limiting the amount of chemical residue on the window and in turn reducing smears.


Tip 3 – When cleaning hard floor surfaces try using a deck scrubber, this will suspend the dirt better and allow you to rinse all dirt away.


Tip 4 – Use Cleaning Schedules to enable items are not missed, and also management can use as a tool to train new and existing staff.

Tip 5 – Carry out a deep clean often to guarantee germs and bacteria aren’t becoming resistant to chemicals. Don’t forget a deep clean in the autumn, this way the dust, pollen and dirt brought in during the summer months can be removed from the home.


Tip 6 – Never spray table cleaner/sanitizer directly onto the surface, always spray onto the cloth as this will reduce the amount of chemical used and also stop tables becoming sticky.


Tip 7 – When cleaning toilets always flush the toilet prior to applying chemicals, as this will reduce the amount of chemical used and also soften any stains to be cleaned. Then scrub the chemical and leave (per manufacturers recommendations) then scrub again and flush.

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