How do you speed up floor cleaning? Do it more often!

How do you speed up floor cleaning? Do it more often!

Berwick regularly get shown really dirty floors and get asked for advice on how to clean them. A common problem is the widely used safety flooring which looks amazing when new but over time proves difficult to maintain.

Often the solution is back-breaking, time-consuming and energy sapping. The best way to overcome this is to do it properly, more often, which will prevent the problem from building up in the first place.

We were recently sent to look at some safety flooring that despite being just two years old, looked awful. The solution was simple. A good hearty scrub with a deck scrub (that they already owned) using a strong floor cleaner (which they already stocked).

Having proved that the floor was cleanable, the next complaint was that this method took too long!

If the staff give it a thorough clean more often, the problem won’t build up so badly and the time/effort required to get it back to good will be greatly reduced.

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