How To Remove Stains From Soft Textiles

How To Remove Stains From Soft Textiles

With huge advances in waterproof and hygiene technology complimenting some stunning designs, soft textile upholstery fabric is becoming an increasingly popular choice in demanding Care Home environments.

Regular care and maintenance is essential in order to maintain the longevity and appearance of the product. To assist you with this we have compiled a guide to cleaning and caring for your Berwick soft textile upholstery.

Soft Textile upholstery must be wiped clean daily with a microfibre cloth to remove dust particles and light soiling. Visible and loose dirt can be picked up with a vacuum cleaner (do not use a brush type vacuum). Remove spillages promptly with an absorbent dry cloth.

  1. If heavier soiling has accumulated, try using water only first.
  2. If the above hasn’t worked, then use a mild liquid soap, ensuring that ALL cleaning products are removed, as they seriously inhibit the stain repellent.
  3. Wipe off bodily fluids promptly within 15 minutes with cold water and then clean as above.
  4. Do not machine wash dry clean or apply other chemicals.
  5. Microfibre cleaning cloths are extremely effective even without soap, which is helpful as soap residues can clog the fibre making it difficult to clean. Tests show that a microfibre cloth and water alone is just as effective in removing marks and stains as using a proprietary cleaner.


Steam cleaning is an effective sanitizer as are Haz Tabs and Chlorclean but is not a good cleaner. A wipe with a cloth, preferably microfibre, and water is more effective for actual cleaning. Steam and heat from steam cleaners actually seal in oily residues from bodily fluids, etc. If steam cleaning is essential, use infrequently for emergency infection control purposes only and in accordance with the machine manufacturer’s recommendations.

As we are unable to comment on the variety of machines in the marketplace or on the operator’s handling, care should be taken for the sake of both the upholstery fabric and the wooden frame and we are unable to guarantee these.

Watch this video for more ideas:

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