Interview with Sarah Evans, in-house Accountant at Berwick Care

Interview with Sarah Evans, in-house Accountant at Berwick Care

Your main responsibilities at Berwick?
I am the Accountant here at Berwick Care. I look after anything to do with figures, including producing the monthly Management Accounts on behalf of the directors.


What makes Berwick better than other places you have worked at?
I really enjoy the team values that Berwick has, everyone is important and made to feel that way. Everyone works really hard but they still have the time to help, even with the smallest of things!


What jobs/experiences/achievements did you complete prior to joining Berwick.
I am a fully qualified ACCA Accountant, after completing college I went straight into studying my ACCA, which took 5 years. I was lucky enough to work while studying so I was learning on the job too. I have worked for one of the biggest auditors in the world PricewaterHouse Coopers, where I believe I really learnt my trade, as I was checking everyone else’s accounts. So I really learnt the correct way to do things, which has really held me in good stance for my career so far!


Favourite product from the Berwick range?
Having seen my Nan struggle for a long time with rheumatoid arthritis, it makes me feel proud to be part of a company that is helping so many people out there. All the products have a helping hand, be it a pack of wipes to a specialist bed! Although I don’t get out and see customers, I feel I am defiantly part of the team looking after all the finances and enabling the rest of the team to not have to worry about that side and be able to concentrate on the great work they do!
What’s important to you outside of work?
My family is really important to me outside work, our little boy Max is about to turn 4 and is full of energy! I have also just signed up for a half marathon in July, so the training is currently quite important!


Favourite saying or motivational quote?
‘Whats meant to be is meant to be’ life isn’t always straight forward so I like to think back to this quote quite often!

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  • Hi Sarah, I found this and it is a really nice profile, well done. Sure Max is also keeping you very busy! Best Wishes Kevin

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