National Care Home Open Day

National Care Home Open Day

First Impressions Count!

1. Smile: Approach visitors with a genuine smile. It will melt all the ice in any introduction you come across. And never get disheartened if you are met with a frown.

2. Eye contact: The eyes are the doors to the soul. Let your eyes carry the smile from your face to your eyes.

3. Stand up: Standing up when greeting anyone demonstrates humility and strength in character. It also says you care enough to stop whatever it is you are doing and are willing to dedicate time to meet and greet this person.

4. A firm handshake: A hand shake is a global sign of greeting, making a promise and establishing equality and peace.

These simple tips when practiced will create a positive first impression and form stronger relationships in business and in life.

Have a great Open day

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  • Handshakes are more important than many people think. Really concentrate on your approach to this – it does contribute to forming impressions (not just on your hand).

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