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How do your results compare with standards and budgets? Take advantage of our free audits.

Why our audits are industry leading?

Ensuring your purchasing is properly managed, looking at costs, management and methodologies and comparing them to national averages.

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“The audit was awesome. I’ve never seen anything like this before”

Home Manager,
Bethshan Nursing Home

Our Auditing Services

Lean Audit

A comprehensive support service for corporate clients to assist them with compliance, these FREE audits draw on our vast knowledge of the industry, the products and the regulations. This auditing service is used widely by both:


A) Care Groups with multiple locations – our consultants are regularly sent in to homes to assist Area Management with compliance.

B) Crisis Management who usually have a narrow window of opportunity to create both financial and operationally sustainable sites.

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Bedroom Audit

Room Audit to ensure the beds, side rails (where appropriate) mattresses and call mats are fully operational, safe and compliant with the regulations.

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IPC Audit

Full audit of the premises to help identify areas of potential concern. A useful pre-inspection tool.

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