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Meet The Team

Berwick staff are marked by their positive team spirit, determined to make life easier for you. Led by Mark Brassey and his three sons, Tristan, Carl and Nathan, the team at Berwick regard it an honour to be associated with one of the most valuable yet undervalued sectors of society, the social care sector. With a mix of youthful energy and sage experience, the team at Berwick are dedicated to your success, many of them having joined the company at the completion of their education and remain at Berwick to this day.

Procurement Manager

As one of Berwick's founders, Mark combines his creativity with his knowledge of the healthcare industry to ensure all our products are of utmost quality and competitively priced. He often conducts equipment repairs for care homes leaving it no surprise that he's a former construction worker- our in-house Bob the Builder!

Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Carl, splits his time between customers and staff. He oversees strategy and key decision-making to ensure Berwick Care will continue to improve and develop in line with the company vision. Alongside university training in dementia design, Carl's interests also include American V8 engines and, of course, food. Who can blame him?

Commercial Director

As a Commercial Director, Tristan spends his time understanding the requirements of our customers and looking for ways to improve and implement change within Berwick to better serve their needs. The ideas he brings to the board ensure that Berwick not only meet your expectations, but exceed them too! Being one of the company founders, he's always exploring different ways to take care to the next level. At weekends? Still exploring, but this time it’s the great outdoors.

Care Home Interior Specialist

Flamboyant: (of a person or their behaviour) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness. This is Lisa! Her large personality suits her interior design role perfectly giving her the capability to adapt to suit every type of client and their needs. When Lisa isn't creating mood boards or selecting fabrics she's at home, relaxing with her son Harrison.

Marketing Assistant

As a Marketing Assistant, Charlotte promotes Berwick's products and services to customers across the country. A standard day for her may include assisting in a new marketing campaign, arranging a product photoshoot, or brainstorming our next big launch! When Charlotte wants to take a break, her favorite holiday destination is the Isles of Scilly.

Sales Director

There's only one thing our Sales Manager loves more than selling our great products, and that's being presented with a challenge by a customer and being able to find a solution! An interesting fact about Nathan is that he was part of the team that achieved the highest blob launch at Surf Snowdonia’s ‘Crash & Splash’ course. We're very proud.

Operations Manager

Meet our Operations Manager: our chief liaison between customer services, the warehouse and our finance departments. Wallace ensures that Berwick's engine runs smoothly, preventing any delays in getting the goods out to our valued customers. The Crystal Palace fan can often be found dunking milk chocolate Hobnobs into his morning (and afternoon!) brew.

Marketing Manager

Kathryn, the person who is directly responsible for planning and coordinating Berwick’s marketing strategies. Her passion for developing Berwick’s unique technologies and innovations for the care industry is endless. As a fan of royalty, Kathryn would like to master one of the many skills Kate has, walking in exceptionally high heels all day and making it look like a complete breeze. Good luck to you!

Marketing Assistant

Did you know Romans used to love garlic mayo just as much as Hannah? Completely true fact. Our tech savvy, pioneering, ingenious marketing assistant is bubbling over with enthusiasm and creative ideas of how to help us to help our clients even more. Hannah believes that everything happens for a reason, we have to agree.

Internal Accounts Manager

Jefferson is on call to provide our customers with anything that they need, all the way through their customer journey at Berwick. As Internal Accounts Manager, Jefferson is a friendly voice at the end of the telephone, available to help with any query you may have. As an avid Milwaukee Bucks fan, you’re likely to find him watching a basketball game with a bag of Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Coated Peanuts.

Business Development Manager

Caleb is one of our Sales Managers, whose mission is to get his customers what they want when they want it. His day-to-day work includes managing his customers' quotes, orders, queries, and advising on best care home practices. The self-confessed foodie loves nothing more than steak, weight lifting, and hiking the hills of Shropshire and Wales!

Marketing Assistant

Beatrix liaises between the directors and our external web agency to bring all of her team's imaginative ideas to life. As the face of our brand, our marketing team strives to represent our core values, and our responsibility to give back. Outside of Berwick, our avid animal lover enjoys all things creative and outdoorsy!

Sales Administrator

As a Sales Administrator to 2 busy Sales Managers, Jacqui is most often occupied with following up queries, creating lean audits, producing reports, generating quotations and orders, and setting up online customer accounts. This creative lady loves to travel, cook, play the piano, dabble in oil painting and spend time with her blind cat!

Sales Coach

Having worked with care homes since 2006, Ashley uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to assist with lean techniques and improvement procedures, and creates innovative solutions for any problems his clients may be experiencing. In his spare time, Ashley loves spending time tending to his well-manicured garden with his wife.

Warehouse Manager

Although Stuart would actually like to be a character from Enid Blyton's Secret Seven instead of Warehouse Manager, we already think he is. Being one of seven siblings is close enough, right? With Stuart being half detective, he is fantastic at controlling and organising the warehouse at the same time as being first point of contact for any issues regarding deliveries or stock products. Most of the time warehouse mysteries are solved before people are even aware of the situation.

Marketing Assistant

Ketsia loves all things pink and since joining the marketing team you'll notice, she's influenced our new branding and now things are all a little bit pink. When she's not sprinkling a little pink or sunshine onto the Berwick marketing material you'll find her hitting the beach or the shops - sounds dreamy!

Executive Assistant

Using her background in management and system implementation, Carolyn brings about improvements within the management level of Berwick. She provides reporting and analytics that help make decisions that are in the best interest of the expansion of the company. In her spare time, she loves to cook. Her specialty? The mighty cinnamon bun.

Internal Accounts Manager

As Internal Accounts Manager, Lyle is responsible for all things customer service; from ensuring all requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently, to providing all of our customers with a seamless experience at Berwick. When he’s not hitting the gym or downing his morning pint of milk, you’ll find him sinking his teeth into ‘The Double Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger’ from Beefy Boys. Sounds delicious!


Tanguy's role in procurement consists of anything that pertains to obtaining the best quality products for you! In reality, this often equates to streamlining our processes, negotiating costs, and updating our systems. Tanguy is often asked about his name, which is French, and translates to Warrior of Fire!

Marketing Assistant

Tanya works primarily on improving the functionality of our website, ensuring that it is simple to navigate, and kept up-to-date with our newest products and promotions! Unfortunately, she suffers from misophonia, an illness that causes a negative reaction to sounds such as eating or slurping. We recommend avoiding pot noodle eaters.

Internal Account Manager

On a day to day basis Imogen manages the relationships between the internal workings of our business and our clients. She is the kind to roll up her sleeves, get stuck in and not stop until the desired outcome is reached. Her love of horses has given her incredible patience and an ability to connect meaningfully with a variety of personalities.

Internal Account Manager

A furniture whizz. Tom spends his days answering phones, processing orders and helping out with many furniture related happenings. We like having Tom on our team, he's hilarious. (Cue; start fiery breath) He's even once upon a time pitched a business idea to a Dragon. How cool is that!

Warehouse Manager

The ultimate dog lover. Colin has two poochies, a Bernese Border Collie Cross and the other one is well lets say Heinz 57, a little bit of everything. When he isn't looking after his dogs, scale modelling or taking photographs you'll find him in the warehouse packing your orders onto our vans before he hopping into the driver's seat and tooting goodbye to the office.

Office Administrator

I think committed is the best way to describe Sam. Loyal. Hardworking. Determined. The vast variety of admin tasks she carries out are done to the very highest standard. Our Freddie-Mercury-fan, coffee-lover-Mum is rather crazy about fast cars. Personal Motto? If in doubt, shout!

Accounts Assistant

Receiving, processing and filing paperwork and extra support for the accounts team. Vienna is invaluable when it comes to organising and maintaining the vast quantity of detailed tasks that often go unseen. In her spare time you will find Vienna in her kitchen baking the most delicious food.

Deputy Warehouse Manager

Shaun, the aspiring musician spends his days working in the warehouse, loading vans and delivering consumables to our clients. Did you know there are over 600 different pasta shapes in the world, each with their own individual use? Certified fact. Ask Google. At this stage you’re probably thinking, what the noodle? However, pasta is Shaun’s one thing he simply cannot resist.

Delivery Driver/Installation

Alan's goal as one of Berwick's friendly delivery drivers is to distribute and install our valued customers' orders with a helping hand and a smile. The former fire fighter also works as security at Shrewsbury Town Football Club, is a big Liverpool fan, and loves to dive with great white sharks- he has a lot of great stories to tell!

Marketing Assistant

Estelle, an avid beach goer works part time from the sunny south west. A mum of two lively kids, she loves spending her time with them swimming, roller skating and all things sandy. So, an interesting fact about Estelle: she once tried to operate a forklift by herself and let just say the results were somewhat fascinating. She now works in marketing.

Delivery Driver

Our former Thai kickboxing coach's job role is about so much more than just driving: it's about helping our valued customers and delivering great service, with a smile. It's hands on, physical and no two shifts are ever the same! Our customers look for help in all kinds of different ways- and Adam is there to help!

Credit Control

Donna is our Credit Control extraordinaire. She collects customer payments in a timely, effective manner, and maintains communications with our clients to ensure all accounts are clear for the dispatch of orders and invoicing. This world traveller also happens to be a gold star baker, much to the delight of all members of the Berwick team!

Warehouse Operator / Delivery Driver

If you ever see somebody from Berwick who has a constant cheery grin it's most probably Imran. Not a day goes by without a joke from Imran, a gregarious kind of fella. He spends his days loading vans, delivering goods, cracking out installs and generally making sure our clients are happy. Favourite downtime activity: eating a large traditional Pakistani chicken bayani and making calls to his family.


Bookkeeper, number cruncher, bean counter - whatever you name it, James is the man looking after Berwick Care's accounts! From preparing accounts and tax returns, monitoring spending and budgets, to auditing and analyzing financial performance, he ensures our books are kept in exemplary order. James is a family man, and places utmost priority on right moral values.

Head Housekeeper

Often seen with Henry in tow, Lydia makes sure all our rooms are sparklingly clean and in tip-top condition. Watering can in one hand, packet of Foxe's Viennese Fingers in the other, both plants and humans enjoy her dust replacements. She certainly lives up to her personal motto, If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Fun Fact about Lydia: She is Tristan's Mother-in-Law.

Goods In Operator

A proper thoroughbred, local yokel who is an absolute grafter and literally cannot resist a luscious lasagne. Jordan is responsible for ensuring a smooth process through our moving departments, alongside managing a high volume of goods with multiple deliveries a day. Watch out if you see Jordan about, with an imaginary mentor of Elton John he may sing you a song!

Delivery Driver/Installation

If you are a Berwick customer, this may be a familiar face! Meet Scott, a vital member of the Berwick team who ensures your goods are delivered and installed with the utmost level of care and a smile. This avid Leeds fan enjoys football, snooker, and pool. To relax? It's a good book or film with a nice bottle of red wine.

Warehouse Apprentice

Our first ever Berwick apprentice Lewis is currently learning all things warehouse. From picking and packing orders, loading and unloading deliveries, to checking and counting stock; he is getting trained by the best in the game! When he’s not at work, Lewis loves playing games with his friends, watching mountain biking videos on YouTube, or being near the seaside!

Warehouse Operator / Delivery Driver

A dog might be a man's best friend but the history of mankind is on the back of a horse. Meet Luke, a dog lover and a horse rider. An exuberant fella who cannot resist a cuppa tea. His favourite thing about the job he does? Being out on the road meeting new faces. Convivial.

Warehouse Operator

As a longstanding member of the Berwick team, Chris has become an essential component to the smooth running of our busy warehouse. He ensures the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of all our warehouse goods. Joining our football mad family, Chris is a Wolves fan with soft spot for cricket and the British Touring Car Championship!

Overnight Driver

Our Overnight Driver Jim is responsible for safely transporting Berwick’s products all the way from Shrewsbury to our Northern Hub, ensuring that all of our customers in Yorkshire and The Northwest receive their goods in a timely and safe manner. When he’s not travelling across the country by van, you’re likely to find him cycling his way through multiple countries on his European Cycling Tours!

Warehouse Operator / Delivery Driver

John loves nothing more than clocking up the miles on his motorbike by going for a good old thrash to clear his head. It's not the only way John clocks up miles, as he's always going the extra mile here at Berwick. When he's not on the motorbike or in our warehouse, he can be found spending quality time with his grandchildren or tucking into a Chinese take out with his dad on a Sunday!

Berwick Mascot

Meet Tammy, our Berwick Mascot. Tammy has been a special part of our team over many years- leading office pranks, guarding our fabulous range of cleaning trolleys, and most recently, modeling our range of PPE. Although our Tammy doesn't say much, she is very sociable and loves to be amongst the hustle of the Berwick office.