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We’re Berwick and we’re proud to be by your side

About Us

So it feels like you should be have been trained as a juggling artist? A request here, a question there, opportunities everywhere, but never enough time to do it all. Juggling all day!


We understand your challenges, we have 25 years’ experience in helping care homes with them. But not just helping you get through, but actually helping you realise dreams.


We’ve taken on homes that couldn’t nail the hygiene issues and fixed them in three months, we’ve helped homes implement budget controls with instant results. The homes that were striving for the ultimate ‘look’ have found it in during the length of one phone call and Berwick have implement training regimes that changed whole company cultures.

Meet the team

How We Support You

Sure, the usual timely deliveries and speedy responses. But Berwick go so much further than that. We support you with watertight, wrap-around care ensuring that your goals and dreams are realised.


Data is nothing if its not used. We crunch the numbers on your data to identify opportunities to make improvements.

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Interior Fit-Out

We create rooms that sell. A well-designed home is usually a full home, and full homes are successful homes.

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Assist Desk

Assisting you with compliance and conformance. Drawing on vast knowledge of the industry, products and associated regulations. Dial 01743 440011 to speak to a specialist.

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30 Day Returns Policy

Our returns policy is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not satisfied with your purchase? You've got 30 days to change your mind.

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Free Training

To support the optimum use of products, Berwick customers enjoy free training, provided on subjects as diverse as COSHH and Incontinence Management.

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Our responsibility to give back