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Forging Framed Freedom

Trust in us at Berwick to listen to what it is you need, you’re in capable hands and we will find a tailored approach to fit your needs utilising our bespoke technology to make your life easier. Let us help you improve efficiencies, enhance your reputation, increase profitability, and reduce risks.

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Lean Audits

How do your results compare with standards and budgets? Take advantage of our free audits.

A comprehensive support service for corporate clients to assist them with compliance, these FREE audits draw on our vast knowledge of the industry, the products and the regulations. This auditing service is used widely by both:

Care Groups with multiple locations
Our consultants are regularly sent in to homes to assist Area Management with compliance.

Crisis Management
Who usually have a narrow window of opportunity to create both financial and operationally sustainable sites.

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Introducing CORE Ordering Portal, created by Berwick Care

Super charge your orders with the core ordering portal! The portal substantially helps cut back-office time to give you back control over purchasing - saving you time and money.

Set up multiple levels of sub-accounts to manage who has access to what – whether it’s a limited range of products to order, or a monthly spending limit for each department within your organisation. The Order Approval functionality has the option for management approval for orders created by sub-users, prior to completion. Alternatively, you can set budgets meaning sub-users are able to check out, but only up to a certain value. This limit can be set by order, or an overall daily, weekly or monthly budget and, once reached, sub-users will need to run subsequent orders past management.

Care Home Fit Out

Did you know… An effectively designed room goes beyond aesthetics. Our care home interiors projects are specifically crafted to alleviate stress on nursing staff, maximize occupancy rates, and provide comfort to patients who may feel isolated.

If you require assistance with care home interiors refurbishment or a complete care home refurbishment, our comprehensive services encompass design, project management, supply, and installation. Experience exceptional care home refurbishment with Berwick Care, a trusted family supplier of care home products since 1997.

Our interior design services

Care & Hygiene Products

Our specialized range of care and hygiene products is specifically designed to meet the needs of the care sector.

You can find all the necessary medical consumables and accessories in our inventory. We offer a wide range of medical equipment, ranging from drug cabinets and aspirators to needles, syringes, and diabetes test strips. Additionally, we also cater to your first aid requirements, ensuring you can find all the necessary items to handle immediate medical needs and emergencies.

With our tailored product range, we strive to assist in maintaining a clean, hygienic environment while meeting the medical needs of the care sector.

Care & Hygiene Products

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Berwick is a family run business whose mission is to provide a quick, effcient and reliable service, to enable you to get straight back to what you do best - CARE. We pride ourselves on the quality of customer service our clients experience.