You may not have positioned yourself as a Dementia Care Home, but chances are that either now or in the future, you will care for someone with dementia. Many organisations will tell you all about the complicated things you should or could do to your lounge to make them dementia friendly. Here are 4 simple suggestions that need not cost a fortune, but can make a significant improvement to the environment you care for them in.

  1. Ensure the colours of all walls, floors, ceilings, door frames etc., have a colour contrast of 30 LRV (Light Reflective Values). This aids wayfinding for those with dementia and indeed anyone with poor eyesight.
  2. Ensure the curtains and track extend well beyond the window reveal so that the curtains do not restrict the light.
  3. Table top or floor mounted lamps provide extra lighting for tasks. Avoid heavy lamps which could be converted into a weapon.
  4. Ensure the TV can be seen by the residents in the room, but don’t make it the focal point. Also, provide a quiet room with no TV for those needing peace and quiet.

Tristan Brassey of Berwick Care Interiors said, ‘‘These practical suggestions are low cost, tried and tested, and work every time. Next time you re-paint the lounge, take a few minutes to choose a colour which gives a 30LRV contrast to the floor and wall colour. And don’t forget to explore new, exciting arrivals in the fabric world, although do avoid heavy patterns.”

That’s the room looking great, while making the environment dementia friendly.

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