Watch this space! A well-loved household brand's new healthcare product coming soon to Berwick Care. 

In 2020, Procter & Gamble launched its first new brand since 2000, Microban 24 Hour.

A revolution in sanitizing, Microban 24 Hour protects surfaces against bacteria growth on surfaces for a full 24 hours, even after multiple touches, providing you the lasting protection – all day and all night – providing an innovative way to protect the things that matter most. Bacteria can live on surfaces anywhere from several hours up to several days. In fact, under ideal conditions bacteria can grow and multiply every 20 minutes. The bacteria living on surfaces are transferred to people through contact so anything we touch can possibly be a bacteria-contaminated surface. Microban 24 is a great way to keep surfaces sanitized, touch after touch.

Microban International was originally established by two biomedical engineers to manufacture technologies specifically for use in the healthcare industry.

The Microban portfolio of active technologies is uniquely suited for incorporation into a number of different types of products used in the healthcare environment.

  • Mobile Carts
  • Sanitizer and Soap Dispensers
  • Medication Dispenser Units
  • Medical Curtains
  • Shelving Units
  • Office Equipment & Electronics
  • Dental Trays
  • Medical Tools
  • Healthcare Scales
  • Beds
  • Healthcare Textiles
  • Furniture & Seating
  • Cleaning Supplies