Due to its hardwearing properties, faux leather (vinyl) is a popular choice in demanding Care and Nursing Home environments. Regular care and maintenance is essential in order to maintain the longevity and appearance of the product. To assist you with this we have compiled a guide to cleaning and caring for your Berwick faux leather (vinyl) upholstery.

Faux leather (vinyl) must be wiped clean daily with a microfibre cloth to remove dust particles and light soiling. Visible and loose dirt can be picked up with a vacuum cleaner (do not use a brush type vacuum). Remove spillages promptly with an absorbent dry cloth.

For general soiling: 

  1. Use a microfibre cloth (avoid abrasive damage to surface by gently rubbing stains with circular movements) and tepid soapy water (non-alkaline).
  2. Rinse clean with water and dry with an absorbent cloth.
  3. Bodily fluids should be removed promptly within 15 minutes with cold water and then cleaned as above.

Extreme soiling/infection control purposes:

  1. Use a 5% sodium hypochlorite bleach solution, Haz Tabs or Chlorclean.
  2. Do not machine wash or dry clean.
  3. Do not use furniture polish, stain remover or solvents.
  4. Remove indigo dye from denim and canvas garments immediately as they will produce permanent staining if not dealt with promptly.