Recently introduced to the Berwick range, our new lightweight aluminium hoists are taking the market by storm. We caught up with Nathan to find out more about the Oxford StaturePresence and Low Leg Option Hoists.

Why are these hoists so good?

If you want to know why these hoists are so good, just look at the warranty. While the nearest competitor offers just 12 months, these hoists come with a 5 year warranty. This shows how much more confidence we have in the build quality.

What reactions have you been getting from customers?

Customers love this range of hoists. They love them because they are lighter, perform better than many comparables, including Arjo, and although cost should never dictate the quality of care, they cost considerably less. A recent comparison for one of my clients found a cost saving of over £1000 and an increase in warranty of 4 years. It’s win-win!

The ability of the Presence spreader bar to touch the floor is also a massive advantage, while many are delighted that our spare parts are stored in the UK for rapid delivery should they be required.

This can be a complicated piece of equipment. How do you ensure the correct use of the product?

Every order comes with a free training package. We provide it free and deliver it on-site. It saves the client spending lots of money on Moving & Handling training, while allowing us to ensure the product is correctly used.

Name your personal favourite features?

  1. Low profile legs. A common problem care homes struggle with is hoist legs fouling on the many wires and cables underneath a profiling bed. So with our low profile leg option this massively reduces the risk.
  2. Built-in scale. Typically speaking a built-in scale compromises the spreader bar. With this built-in scale being adjacent to the spreader bar, we retain the performance of the hoist while getting a weight reading.

If anyone wants to see one of these hoists, feel free to contact Nathan to arrange a home demonstration. 01743 440011.