As reported by the BBC, a woman has become the first nurse in England to be struck off for failing to wash her hands after treating a patient with MRSA.

The nurse, from Birmingham, failed to wear a protective apron while treating the patient with MRSA and did not remove her gloves afterwards. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) spokeswoman, Leila Harris said the failure to wash her hands after treating the MRSA patient had been a contributing factor in the panel’s decision.

Washing your hands, aside from vaccination, is probably the most effective contribution you can make to public health.

Regularly washing your hands, especially after going to the toilet or if you have the cold or the flu, will help prevent the spread of infection. Experts have determined that washing your hands with hot water and soap for the time it takes to sing a verse of “Happy Birthday” should ensure any germs on your hands are destroyed.


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